June 2019

Having survived the clouds of erupting dust that greeted our first foray into the crumbling archives of pension scheme decision-making, we were unashamedly surprised at the popularity of our first casebook. Consequently, whilst deliberating over a revitalising cup of tea

January 2019

For this edition of Our View, we’re tying a handkerchief around our faces, putting on the white gloves, and dusting off the old tomes that hold (hopefully) some of the more interesting (well, at least, relevant) decisions that quietly emerge from the Pensions Ombudsman.

November 2018

So, the first ruling in relation to the role of a SIPP Operator, and the due diligence it undertakes on investments, has now come and gone. With the prospect of more to come, but allowing the dust to settle a little, what do we think are the implications for the SIPP market generally?

September 2018

This month, we turn our attention to the newsletters that originate from somewhere in the depths of HMRC on a pretty regular basis. It does make for somewhat dry consumption, and if you can manage to muscle your way through the opening paragraphs…

July 2018

The FCA’s Consultation Paper, Retirement Outcomes Review, follows on from the work the FCA is undertaking to assess how the market is evolving. The FCA identified harms and emerging issues that they are keen to address promptly although final rules…