… the process of advice is complex and requires considerable time spent researching solutions. Our support area provides access to documents and information that should assist with this…

Tech Bites

Case Studies

Information Forms

Due Diligence

Case Books

tech bites

Our tech bites are designed to provide more in-depth technical information relating to specific transactions or activities that clients may be considering. These tech bites are a starting point, helping to provide information that aids in understanding the processes and complexities involved in particular areas.

case studies

Our case studies are designed to provide helpful examples of how various transactions will operate in practice. They take the theory of how a particular transaction may be envisaged and apply it to a realistic situation so that advisers can better understand the processes and outcomes.

information forms

Our information forms deal with the more common transactions or activities relating to SIPPs and SSASs and are designed to collect all of the main facts relating to those transactions. These forms should be completed in full, and be signed before returning them to Odyssey.

due diligence

Our due diligence documentation is available to advisers to help them understand more about Odyssey and its approach to SIPP and SSAS products and services. It provides further detail relating to the Company, our regulatory approach, including Treating Customers Fairly, and our proposition in general.

case books

Our casebooks are drawn from the chronicles of the Pensions Ombudsman and HMRC Tribunals and are designed to draw from these cases, perhaps in a light-hearted and easily digestible way, points that might be of relevance to advisers who work with self-invested and self-administered pensions.

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