Following on from the initial success of the launch of our casebooks, we’ve decided that the time is right to issue another. This time, the subject matter looks at what can go wrong with Sponsoring Employer loans, and some of the pitfalls to try to avoid. Useful reading (we think) for any adviser active in the SSAS market! You can access Our View articles through the title link, and we’ll soon be dedicating a separate section of our website to our casebooks.


We’re pleased to let you know that we’ve added further Tech Bites to our website suite:
– A more in-depth look at Sponsoring Employer loans;
– A comparison of SIPP, SSAS and Group SIPP which hopefully provides some insight into the differences between the contracts.
Hopefully, they will be of some interest! You can find the Tech Bite section by following the title link.


At Odyssey, we’re all about challenges, whether they’re big or small. Some will remember how we took on the swarm of fruit flies in the kitchen over the summer. Well, this time, the challenge is a little bigger… September 2019 sees one of Odyssey’s Directors, Andrew McLaughlan, take on the challenge of hiking across Iceland in testing conditions in conjunction with JT Expeditions. This 5-day event provides an array of unique challenges to test his personal endurance while at the same time raising money for charity. If he’s lucky, he might also get to experience the amazing landscapes while pausing to recover his breath. Please read more by following the link in the title, but in essence, Andrew is looking for sponsorship for the benefit of Cancer Research Wales. For those who know Andrew, please be aware that the challenge is made all the harder by the absence of any hair gel, or a change of clothes… If you are able to support Andrew in his efforts to raise money for this wonderful charity, please access his Just Giving page, which you’ll find below, and also on his e-mail sign off over the next few months.


We’re pleased to let you know that we’ve added another Case Study to our website suite. Hopefully, it will be of some interest! You can find the Case Study section by following the link in the title.


We’re pleased to let you know that this edition of Our View contains a new strand to our support material for advisers. We’re proud to announce the release of our Casebooks, which will shortly be separately available on our website. Our Casebooks are a condensed view of some of the cases that pass through the hands of The Pensions Ombudsman… and while this might suggest some dry reading, there is (we think!) something of interest that can relate more broadly to clients. Without further ado, please click the link in the title to access Our View on our website, and click on the latest edition.


New Tech Bite – No.6 Pleased to confirm that we’ve added to our range of Tech Bites…This time, we’ve been looking at the complexities behind Sponsoring Employer Loans. Access the new information here…


New Information Form – No.6 Pleased to confirm that we’ve added to our range of Information Forms…We’ve added a Carry Forward Information Form to help collate the relevant data. Access the new form here…


We’re delighted to announce the launch of ‘Our View’… Our View aims to look at latest regulatory and legislative changes and, well, give you our view…! Check out our thoughts on FCA pension consultation here