…it’s not all about growing our business at odyssey…we recognise the difference we can make in people’s lives and that has to be a primary goal of any forward-looking business. It is for us…

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It’s not just about doing business. It’s not just about increasing turnover. It’s not all about the profits. Yes, it’s great to have a successful business but that has to be tempered with an ideology that seeks to make a difference. We aim to be the best at what we do, we aim to make a difference to people’s lives, yes. But we feel we need to do more than that. We need to give back.


Fundamentally, our success derives from our every day interactions with real people. Real people who support us, who do business with us, who allow us to grow and succeed. Yes, we aim to provide them with an uplifting experience, a rewarding experience, an experience that helps them achieve their ambitions.


But should that be the extent of what we do? No. We don’t think so. We think that true success comes from how you affect everything around you, whether it’s your customers, your employees, your suppliers. We need to give back, to support, to encourage, to do what’s right.


So welcome to our charity and community page! Please take a look at some of the areas where we are trying to give back. And if you’ve got any ideas, share them with us!

charity support

Every member of our team has been involved in some way in helping raise money for charity. We have a number of core charities that we continually support, derived primarily from the ups and downs of life as experienced by our employees.


We’re proud to say that so far we’ve raised over £5,000. Take a look at some of the events we’ve been involved in.

community support

We have a particular focus for our community support that we’ve tied into our environmental strategy. Like many, we’re conscious of our impact on the environment and the need to safeguard, and improve, what we have for future generations. We’re therefore combined that philosophy with activities around the support and development of school gardens.


Nurturing ideas at the earliest stage is a fantastic way to ensure that future generations have a tremendously positive view and understanding of the environment. We are teaming up with primary schools across the country to provide funding and support for the creation, enhancement, development and maintenance of gardens and environmental activities.


Take a look at some of the projects we’ve been involved in.

greetings cards

Yes, you’ve read that right… greetings cards!


In today’s electronic, and somewhat (in our view) impersonal, world, the tradition of greeting cards is becoming a thing of the past. And yet we think it remains a great way to interact with people, something tangible that might bring a smile to a face.


Again, tying in with our ideas of community support, we are teaming up with local primary schools to produce a range of designs that we can issue out to clients at appropriate times. We get the children engaged in creative design and it’s a hugely enjoyable experience for all involved including (we hope) the recipients! Of course, there’s prizes for all involved, and we take great pride in making sure the school’s art supplies are all stocked up too…!


Take a look at the fantastic designs the children have come up with!

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