… services offered by odyssey are not confined to its wide range of pension solutions...as well as SIPP and SSAS products we offer consultancy and training services

odyssey consultancy services

As well as SIPP and SSAS products we offer a wide range of consultancy and training services.

Our consultancy services are based around practical and technical advice for SIPPs and SSAS. These might be for arrangements where, for example, there is no current Professional Trustee, or where individuals have a desire to operate a SSAS on their own but who require support in relation to ongoing legislative and regulatory requirements.


odyssey practitioner ssas

We provide full practitioner services for a SSAS, where clients are able to operate their SSAS without appointing a professional trustee.

We offer a variety of services, including assisting in the establishment of a SSAS for clients that wish to operate the pension scheme themselves.

We also offer a ‘light-touch’ annual monitoring service that facilitates an interaction with clients on a regular basis, or we can assist with one-off problems or transactions that scheme trustees might be contemplating.

Finally, a fuller Practitioner SSAS service is available, where we provide continued guidance and support for those individuals wishing to administer their own pension schemes.


odyssey training services

We recognise that there are often considerable complexities relating to SIPP and SSAS products, and it is difficult for advisers to specialise to the extent that they are able to provide in-depth responses to client queries on all occasions.

There are also those advisers that may be newer to the concept of SIPP and SSAS and for whom education around the various flexibilities, rules and regulations would be beneficial.

We can offer training to advisers, designed to their relevant levels of expertise, which aim to enhance their knowledge and understanding of self-invested pension products. Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

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