… retirement is a journey... Our ethos is to understand and demonstrate that this journey is one that is best undertaken in partnership...

origins of a name

Names are important; they have meaning. When considering a name for our business we wanted it to reflect something meaningful, so we stepped back and considered the landscape of financial services and self-invested pensions.

The FCA’s focus leading up to and beyond the Retail Distribution Review has been, we feel, to develop a regulatory framework in which purely transactional financial planning gives way to longevity of client service. There is a clear emphasis on having a relationship with clients that grows, develops, and takes account of their changing needs: it is a journey.

part of the journey

The word ‘journey’ aptly describes the specific process of retirement and implies travelling together to reach and end destination. Since Greek times, the word ‘Odyssey’ has come to signify any epic journey, and various other definitions describe long, eventful journeys or experiences. We felt this encapsulated the idea of ‘retirement’ perfectly.

Retirement is a journey; indeed, a form of odyssey for every single person. Our ethos is to understand and demonstrate that this journey is best undertaken in partnership. Events cannot be necessarily prescribed, there will be unexpected changes to be made along the way, but a firm that can adapt and change to meet a client’s dynamic needs must be important. That is Odyssey.

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